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For your peace of mind, each of our dogs comes with a free puppy package that includes first year vet care!

About Furry Babies Inc.

Welcome to Furry Babies, Inc. where you can find your perfect puppy! We specialize in pure bred puppies and designer breeds from breeders that are hand-picked and USDA certified. Our unique nursery atmosphere is perfect for you to play with your puppy before you decide to take them home. Our babies sleep in cribs, not cages and are perfect for puppy socializing with plenty of room for playing. Come and see for yourself and spend some time to play with our puppies today!


Vet Care

We put the utmost care to ensure that our puppies are in the best of health. Each puppy gets a health check up before coming to our nursery– not just once, but twice. We don’t stop there, our Puppy Health Care Package comes with each and every puppy to help you care for your puppy’s health during their first year. We have carefully selected only the best veterinarians for your puppy and provide all the first year vaccinations, spay or neuter, and much more!

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